Zombie attack


Some call it "apocalypse,
Others call it "curse":
Unknown infection virus
Is spread all over the Earth.
Time has come for everyone
To see death's face.
Virus now will certainly
Destroy the human race!
It is damnation,
Seek no salvation!
Widespread infection
Virus ejection

Infectious! – x2

Streets are turning empty, lifeless
People start to rot.
Everything is punished by
Infectious holocaust.
Won't you answer question
As it looks into your eyes:
Seeking for salvation now,
Do money have its price?
Virus is inclined
To destroy mankind.
Disease from hell,
Evil spell.

Infectious! – x2

Some call it "apocalypse",
Others call it "curse".
Bodies without feelings
Now live here. What could be worse?
They will stay here till the end
Of their eternal days.
Once there were used to be called "Human race"!
Apocalypse now,
No life is found.
Nothing is left,
Infection spread!

Infectious! – x2


from Lethal Existence [EP], released August 26, 2012



all rights reserved


Lethal Existence Kolomna, Russia

Uncompromising neckbreaking thrash metal!

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